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Company History

ADAPT began as transline Localization, a competency center for software localization founded as a joint venture in 1999. Michael Kemmann served as managing partner from the very beginning, acquired full ownership in late 2003, and renamed the company ADAPT Localization Services in 2004.

All this time, ADAPT has maintained its offices in the Bonn neighborhood of Poppelsdorf in close proximity to the many institutions for medicine and life sciences of the University of Bonn, the Institute of Computational Linguistics, and the newly established Life and Medical Sciences Center (LIMES).

As the company evolved and prospered, it expanded into adjacent office space so it could remain in Poppelsdorf, a location that ADAPT employees also appreciate for its easy access to transit and attractive shopping and dining opportunities.

ADAPT opened its first regional office outside Germany in Stockholm in 2002. This was followed by the founding of ADAPT Localization Services España S.L.U. in Barcelona in 2005. And since January 2012, ADAPT has had a presence in Denmark with offices in Copenhagen. Today, over thirty employees from eight countries work at ADAPT’s four sites to ensure the success of our customers.