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Translation into all the languages of global business

All ADAPT translations are performed by human beings. Machine translation has not yet proven useful, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. But our human translators embrace state-of-the-art technology whenever it serves the project. This includes computer-aided translation (CAT) and specialized tools for testing and localizing software user interfaces. We rely on translation and terminology databases, for example—so-called translation memory systems, which save time and money while improving translation consistency.

The use of translation memory software enhances cost-effectiveness and quality, and not just in new translation projects: even prior translations not yet captured in bilingual databases can generally be imported into translation memories before the start of a new project so their content can more readily be leveraged. Typically, this is a modest investment that produces an immediate return.

Software localization

Software localization is the adaptation of a software product to the linguistic, technical, and cultural environment of a target market.

We analyze your project to determine the ideal localization processes and tools. Then we put together a team of linguists and technology experts to work within your project and organizational structures and turn your vision into reality.

Terminology management

Quality and user-friendliness of your localized product depend primarily on clear, unambiguous, consistent terminology that conforms to the standards and conventions of your target market. The terminology must also consistently reflect your corporate identity.

That’s why wherever possible, we develop project terminology in collaboration with representatives of your company in the target countries. We also manage and update your terminology with the help of software integrated into our translation environment.

Software engineering and testing

Localization means more than just translating a text. ADAPT offers a full spectrum of linguistic and technical services, including software engineering and testing.

Simply provide us with all the basic materials, and we’ll deliver fully compiled and tested localized software, saving you time and resources and accelerating your time-to-market.

Multimedia localization

Our close collaboration with professional recording studios allows us to offer high-quality multimedia localization, including dubbing and voiceover.

Specialized translators first optimize the texts for use in audio and video files. Our professional voice artists are native speakers of the highest caliber and typically work for international radio stations and dubbing studios.

Desktop publishing, graphic design, layout

Leave the prepress to us! Our DTP and graphic design experts can draft layouts according to your specifications or restore the original layout of your documents after the translation phase is complete. We can accommodate all standard DTP and graphic design programs: Adobe Creative Suite and Technical Communication Suite, MadCap Flare, the Microsoft Office Suite...

Source text optimization and information design

The quality of a translation depends heavily on a translation-ready source text. We’ll be happy to optimize your source texts prior to localization, eliminating redundancies and identifying any technical or cultural misunderstandings that could compromise the translation of your software and documentation. Investing in this service improves the quality of the translation and saves you time and money during the localization phase.

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