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Technical Translations

Serving the optics, material science, automation and other technology sectors

Today’s technological developments are often characterized by an increasing convergence of technologies from various and sometimes disparate sources. Only few products do not rely on computer technology and software these days, and many use telecommunication channels for data exchange or messaging.

Particularly medical devices are often at the crossroads of different sectors of technology and science; apart from medicine and pharmacology, they can for instance draw upon mechanics, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, optics, material science, engineering, or information technology.

For ADAPT, this has led to a widening of the fields of expertise we translate in. In some cases, clients diversified the commercial applications of their core technology over time to enter different industry verticals; in others, the demand for translations has spread further up in the localization process, requiring our translation teams to also work with underlying technologies of a product.

In consequence, ADAPT Localization today provides technical translations for a wide range of technological sectors which include optics, machine vision, industrial automation, logistics, traffic technology, welding technology, surface technologies or security systems, to name but a few.

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