We speak your language.



"Vielen Dank an euch. Ohne die tolle Unterstützung und Zusammenarbeit wäre der (auch noch etwas vorgezogene) Launch dokuseitig nicht so gut gelaufen." 

"Thank you so much. The documentation for our launch – whose date was even moved up – would never have come off so smoothly without your fantastic support and cooperation."

Documentation Manager, Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, Germany


"The best part about it is working with all of you guys and getting stuff back on time on the promised days!! We can ALWAYS count on you." 

Technical Writer, Roche Molecular Systems Inc., Branchburg (NJ), USA


"Seit 2011 unterstützt uns ADAPT zuverlässig bei der Übersetzung unserer Produktbegleit- und Marketingdokumente in bisher rund einem Dutzend Sprachen. Der Kontakt mit der zuständigen Production Managerin ist immer sehr angenehm und effizient. Wir schätzen besonders die Übersetzungsqualität, die absolute Termintreue und die Wiederherstellung des Layouts."

"Since 2011 ADAPT has been providing us with reliable support for translating our collateral and marketing documents into approx. a dozen languages. The responsible Production Manager is always very easy to work with and highly efficient. What we appreciate in particular is the quality of their translations and the fact that they always deliver on time and restore our layouts."

Product Management, Securetec Detektions-Systeme AG, Neubiberg, Germany



"We have used ADAPT to help us add 15 languages into a new instrument we developed.  This device used an embedded processor with a graphical user interface on a small screen, so we had many constraints for string length and character size.  Working with ADAPT, we quickly agreed on a method to define our requirements and in a very short time we had all of our languages supported.  They were a pleasure to work with and we will continue to use their services in the future."

President, Source Scientific, Irvine (CA), USA