Annual Business Kickoff at the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

ADAPT Sweden is a member of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and their annual Business Kickoff in the Villa Källhagen in Stockholm is an event we don't want to miss out on. Sunny weather, great food and nice people made it a lovely evening. In the picture is Maria Lindstrand, our Country Manager Sweden, Agija Kemmann, our Operations Manager and Michael Kemmann, our Managing Director.

ADAPT takes over Transline Documentaciones S.L.

With effect from 15 August 2015, ADAPT is taking over the operating business and personnel of Transline Documentaciones S.L., the Spanish subsidiary of the Transline Group. The subsidiary, which has its headquarters in Barcelona, will be handing over its activities to ADAPT Localization Services España S.L.U., based in the same city. 

Bad Movie Titles Seldom Come Alone

What did you think of the film adaptation of John-le-Carré’s “Queen, King, Ace, Spy” (“König, Dame, Ass, Spion”)? Never heard of it? Chances are you have! It’s the back translation of the German title of the 2011 movie „Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy“ with Gary Oldman and Colin Firth. It’s also a nice example of the pitfalls of movie title localization.

Fun Facts about French

French is spoken on all continents, in more than 50 countries and by about 200 million people. There are 115 million native speakers.

Fun Facts about German

German is the native language of about 100 million people worldwide.

EU Enlargement: Deadlines for last PALC III slots for Croatian approaching fast

Time flies, and now that – despite all predictions to the contrary – the world has entered into yet another year, the EU accession date for Croatia (July 1st, 2013) is getting seriously close. So if you are a Marketing Authorisation Holder for a medicinal product in the EU, translation of your product information into Croatian and sending it to the Croatian Competent Authority for linguistic review should now take high priority.

U.S. Senate: Initiative to introduce readability testing for PMI

For several years, the usability and safety of package inserts for drug products, or Patient Medicine Information (PMI), has been a source of growing concern for regulators, politicians, and patient organisations alike. At the centre of this concern is mostly the question whether patients, particularly those with lesser degrees of literacy and language competence or poor eyesight, are able to find and understand all necessary information to use the medicine safely and effectively.