"I have been in the customer service arena for over 25 years, with companies from international to national or even more local trades. All of which have been struggling to get quick and accurate translations out to their customer base. So by that means, often being the sole bilingual member, I have had to proofread the translated documents much more times than I can even try to remember. Most of the time, the quality is good, however, calling for a good percentage of change requests, required to the translation, due to the lack of properly translating the intended sense of a word, phrase or context being explained. Frequently because of the scientific or medical mold of the original paper work. I have to say that what I have experienced in proofreading the translated documents provided by ADAPT has blown me away. I am totally stunned at the level of accuracy in the translations they have provided our organization. The quality of the work goes from perfect grammatical and spelling performance in the transcripts, to very little and often no changes required in the translation of senses, meaning or semantics from the original texts. Given that the work that was requested involved highly scientific expressions and notions…this was truly impressive. Very good work ADAPT Thank you very much!"

Application Specialist, ARTEL Canada, Montréal, Canada