Tools & technologies

We use cutting-edge technology on projects, wherever it is useful and feasible to do so. This includes software for computer-aided translation software (CAT), in particular translation memory systems, which store the translated texts in a database and offer a range of functions to optimize the translation process and improve the consistency of the translations. Translation memory technology not only has a positive impact on the costs and quality of new translation projects. In addition, existing translations that have not yet been stored in translation databases can be transferred into translation memories before we start a new project so that they can simply be edited and re-used.

CAT software

SDL Trados Studio MemoQ 

When translating software user interfaces, we use special tools that not only offer translation memory functions but also enable us to visualize the interface during translation. As a result, our translators can view the menu items, button labels etc., which often appear without any context in the source files, exactly as they appear in the software and can take account of factors such as length restrictions during the translation process. This significantly reduces subsequent testing and enables a faster launch in your target markets.

Software localization tools 

SDL Passolo Catalyst QT Linguist

Following translation, we check the files using various semi-automated quality assurance tools. These eliminate “human error” and ensure, for example, that figures, units of measure, product names and key terms are used correctly throughout the text, that code integrity is preserved and much more.

Semi-automated QA tools

Verifika ErrorSpy 

Our portfolio of services also covers the entire pre-press stage. Our DTP and graphic design experts can design layouts to meet your requirements or can restore the original formatting of your documents following the translation stage. We have all standard DTP and graphic design programs at our fingertips.

DTP/graphic design programs

Adobe Creative Suite  Adobe Technical Communication Suite MadCap Flare Microsoft Office