Translations that meet uncompromising quality standards

At ADAPT, all our work pivots around subject-matter expertise, linguistic quality and excellent service. This helps us achieve our primary objective—your satisfaction as our customer. Knowing that you rely on us to speak your language and communicate your message in your international markets in a professionally competent and culturally sensitive manner makes us proud and provides us with fresh motivation every day.

To meet this responsibility, we build on standardized, standard-compliant process, which can be adapted as required to meet the needs of specific customers and projects. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the technologies and tools that are now so essential to the success of any translation project. We also rely on rigorous quality management in all areas of the company. However, the critical foundation is provided by the people behind ADAPT, who make themselves available to you at any time as friendly and competent contacts and place at your disposal their expertise, professional powers of judgment and a wealth of experience.

We keep a close eye on technical developments in our industry and assess whether these are relevant and applicable to what we do. This naturally includes machine translation software, which we test and evaluate internally. During regular production for our customers, however, all texts are produced by human translators. Today’s translation software undoubtedly offers a wide range of applications already. However, we don't believe that these applications should currently include safety-related materials or materials that touch on issues concerning product liability, such as patient information, user manuals for medical devices or instructions for using machinery. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.